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  Transport company LLC «Simin-Goods haulage is always risk bearing. To minimize them it’s important to entrust goods transportation to a reliable company, whose unblemished reputation in logistics field is confirmed for years of excellent work.
Our company «Simin-has offered a wide range of services in haulage field for more than 9 years. The company has both: its own motor vehicles and outsourced ones. Experienced specialists where necessary will offer you consultations on haulage service, make calculations.
Our company «Simin- offers you professional outsourcing of transport logistics that will allow you to refuse motor vehicles maintenance and administration costs, having shifted all logistics responsibilities onto us. Delivery drivers of our company have experience working not only with retail stores, but with supermarket chain and hypermarkets. Ordering our goods haulage we guarantee that you will get an excellent service and fast delivery of any goods (from product transportation in stores to outsize equipment transportation) to anywhere in Russia. Discount system is provided at regular cooperation. Transport company «Simin- in Russia – a professional carrier, who always knows how to delivery your cargo as soon and reliable as possible!
Our company «Simin- signed a Liability Insurance Contract of a delivery driver for our customer companies goods delivery.

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